An OSU beat writer bids goodbye to Gundy

An OSU beat writer bids goodbye to Gundy

Stillwater News Press sports editor Jon Walker is off to the Omaha World-Herald, but not before he joins me for reflections on OSU football and Mike Gundy, the coach and dad.

Guerin Emig

By Guerin Emig

| Nov 30, 2023, 2:30pm CST

Guerin Emig

By Guerin Emig

Nov 30, 2023, 2:30pm CST

On the latest episode of Mind Games, I’m joined by Jon Walker, who has been Stillwater News Press sports editor for the past year-plus and who has just taken a job covering Creighton basketball for the Omaha World-Herald. Before leaving OSU behind, Jon offers his perspective on the Cowboys’ chances against Texas in Saturday’s Big 12 championship game, and their future in an OU- and Texas-less Big 12 Conference. He sums up what it’s like to cover Mike Gundy, and shares some of his favorite stories and OSU figures from his time at the News Press. 

(02:30) Introducing Jon to viewers/listeners

(04:20) Just how does OSU hang with Texas?

(12:25) The Cowboys dig in for the Big 12’s last stand vs. the SEC-bound traitors

(19:12) OSU needs this one not just for the Big 12’s current sake, but the Cowboys’ future

(22:40) Jon’s perspective on Mike Gundy

(27:36) Jon’s most memorable News Press stories, starting with one about Boone the Boone Pickens Stadium cat

(32:00) Who from OSU and what from Stillwater will Jon miss? 

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